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What Are the Advantages of Purchasing Designer Frames?

Woman trying on a set of eyeglasses

If you rely on prescription glasses to see clearly, you may be looking to purchase a new pair of frames soon. Whether your prescription has changed and you’re looking for a novel style, or you simply want to make a statement, shake up your look, and experience unparalleled durability and comfort, purchasing designer frames is an excellent option that can completely transform your aesthetic and ensure premium quality.

We’ve helped countless patients with everything from eye check-ups to matching them with a designer frame style that best suits their tastes and face shape — or pushes the envelope forward. Before we dive into the advantages of purchasing a pair of designer frames — and how Trillium Eye Care can help — let’s address an essential question:

What Makes Frames “Designer”?

The term “designer” may give off a false impression to some — an indication that the frames are style-over-substance and all about the way they look. While the trendiness factor — and even a logo or brand name — are elements that certainly contribute to their allure, designer frames go above and beyond in that they cater to an individual’s needs far beyond the capability of imitation or no-brand eyewear. This blanket attribute is best explored by outlining the array of designer frames’ advantages. Let’s dive in:

Revamp Your Look

First and foremost, designer frames are the perfect gateway to reinvigorate the wearer’s overall appearance. If you are tired of picking out glasses frames that are uninspired or strictly utilitarian in nature, then you know it’s time to turn to stylish, sophisticated options that don’t let wearing glasses be just a task but an accessory-donning venture. There’s no shortage of frame design options, either! When purchasing designer frames, you have a virtually endless collection of styles, making it easy to discover a new favorite.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry as much about wearing the same frames that others are sporting or wearing glasses that have gone out of style; prescription eyeglasses can be as unique as you are!

Long-Lasting and Durable

There’s no way around it; the materials used in prescription glasses are of higher quality across the board. The frame, hardware, and glass itself are designed with the everyday wearer in mind and boasts reliable structural integrity that stands the test of time. Think of it this way; instead of having to get a new pair of frames because your current ones have become bent, scratched, cracked, or have simply come apart, with designer glasses, you’ll only be growing your assortment of frames that go with all sorts of outfits and hairstyles for various occasions.

When it comes to manufacturing, some frames are created in high-quality environments — while others are formed from sources that are questionable at best. High-quality designer frames can take dozens upon dozens of steps when manufactured by hand and often require the utilization of special machining and welding for higher-end materials. Added steps ensure a more finished, superior product overall.

Moreover, in the case of designer eyewear, brand licensing itself ensures world-class quality control. Most well-known brands and manufacturers have strict quality assurance and marketing standards that result in a worthier product for the brand-loyal customer.

Form-Fitting Design

These types of frames go above and beyond voguishness when it comes to design; they are constructed to perfectly suit your face shape. While all sorts of eyes may capture your attention in one way or another, there’s more to purchasing designer frames than going with what looks the boldest, sleekest, or even most understated. A quality pair of frames works to highlight features of the face that ought to be front and center. Whether you have an oval-shaped face, rounder features, or something in-between, you can rest assured that there’s a pair of designer frames out there ready to show off your best self.

As many wearers of glasses can probably attest to, there’s nothing more bothersome than a pair that rubs up against your face, won’t sit right or stay put, or has edges that dig into your skin. Designer frames do away with these irritable drawbacks, granting you the full enjoyment of clear vision all day long.

An Impressive Warranty

When you’re considering the advantages of buying designer frames, it’s important to keep in mind that you aren’t just buying into a stand-alone product; you’re investing in a partnership with the manufacturer or brand that specializes in outfitting many with glasses they love. This often translates to warranties that make sure if something ever goes wrong with your glasses, you can get repairs made without any worry.

Buying Glasses Has Never Been Easier

We understand that the days of glasses only serving to improve vision are long gone. Today, there are myriad designer frames out there ready to complement your personality and empower you every time you put them on.

When shopping for designer glasses, you may be inundated with a seemingly endless list of sellers and unsure of which one to go with. However, you can feel confident that our patient care philosophy and optical expertise go hand-in-hand with outstanding design, reliability, and selection when it comes to pairs of glasses. We look forward to connecting our customers with designer eyewear from some of the world’s most popular brands, including TOM FORD, Ray-Ban, Burberry, and beyond.

If you’re looking for a store that can deliver not only quality products but an impeccable customer experience, look no further than Trillium Eye Care. Whether you know exactly the pair you want and have your prescription and lens type ready, or you just want to get a feel for the kind of designer frames that are out there, we make it easy to accomplish everything; a local optician’s selection pales in comparison to what we have in store!

Glasses are designed to make your life better — and we are here to do the same. To schedule a comprehensive eye exam in Jacksonville, FL, or learn more about designer eyeglasses, reach out to Trillium Eye Care today!

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