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At Trillium Eye Care our focus is on you, our patient.  Your eye care, and the overall health of your vision are paramount to what we do everyday!  Our board certified optometrists, often called eye doctors, provide extensive eye exams, retinal examcontact lens fittings and even attend to our patient’s urgent eye care needs.  As well our location features a wide array of prescription eyeglasses, designer eye wear, contact lenses and prescription sunglasses.  We recommend and stock samples of the best in quality products including Acuvue, Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, and Cooper Vision.

We endeavor to make your visit to our offices as helpful and stress-free from the booking of your appointment to fitting your glasses or contacts.  Our caring staff works with you and your family to help everyone have great vision and eye health for life.

We are here to help you see the world in a better way, literally.


We focus on four pillars to deliver exceptional care to our patients:

  • Trust

    • We understand that your relationship with your optometrist and our professional staff are paramount to earning your trust. We focus on building a deep relationship with our patients so we fully understand their lifestyle and eye care needs.

  • Passionate About Vision Care

    • The healthcare of our patients is our first priority.

  • Continuous Patient Care

    • We want to see our patients for life. We build a life long relationship with our patients so that we can continuously monitor and evaluate their healthcare. We encourage our patients to visit us annually for their eye exam so we can proactively monitor their ocular health.

  • First Class Service

    • You deserve a first-in-class service, especially for the health of your eyes. We take extreme care, attention to detail and pride when providing service to our patients.

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