Full Scope Eye Care

We take an individual approach to treating our patients.  We carry stylish eye-wear, high performance contact lenses and use the latest innovations in diagnosis all within a relaxed and friendly environment.

Our eye care clinic is locally owned by optometrists right here in Jacksonville. We are committed to helping our patients see their world in focus.  Each service we offer is centered on continuously protecting our patients eye health.  Our support staff as well brings courtesy and professionalism to their work with our patients, and we work together to make your eye health top priority.

Comprehensive and Convenient Eye Exams

Scheduling your eye exam annually, is one of the most important preventative measures to maintaining healthy vision for life.


Digital Retinal Imaging

A new technology where we can take a scan of the back of your eye. This is crucial to understanding your ocular health.


Contact Lens Fitting

Our optometrists measure your corneal curvature to ensure the best fit. Always be sure to have a proper fitting!


Urgent Care

Itchy red eyes? Have an injury? Our Optometrists can tend to your eye care needs!


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Vision Insurance

We Accept Most Major Vision Insurance Plans.

Repairs and Adjustments

We offer free adjustment services on your purchases.


Life happens. We provide limited warranties on products.

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