Eye Doctor Jacksonville - Dr. Alaxandra Vorobeva

Dr. Alexandra Vorobeva

OPTOMETRIST : DR. ALEXANDRA VOROBEVA, President and Managing Optometrist

Dr. Vorobeva created Trillium Eye Care to provide patients with a first class experience when visiting their eye doctor. Her philosophy is to deliver a personalized approach to eye care in an upscale environment where the expressed and unexpressed wishes of patients are achieved. As the Managing Optometrist, she oversees and focuses on each detail to ensure that every aspect of the optometry and optical clinic is optimized to provide a first-in-class patient experience. Because of these values, Trillium Eye Care developed into a leading private optometry practice which builds relationships with its patients for life.

Professional Experience

Dr. Vorobeva previously worked for Optivue, one of the largest and world-renowned eye care and surgery centers in Ohio where she handled complicated disease cases and worked closely with a team of ophthalmologists and optometrists. She also gained unique experience in LASIK correction from being part of the LASIK Vision Institute where she worked with a team of ophthalmologists that enabled her to conduct eye exams, together with and pre and post care of LASIK surgery vision corrections.


Dr. Vorobeva completed her Doctorate in Optometry and Bachelors in Vision Science at Nova Southeastern University in South Florida. She received her Bachelors of Science in Biology at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville.

Community Involvement

Dr. Vorobeva has been a member of the Jacksonville Community for over two decades. She volunteers as an eye doctor for the Special Olympics, Walk for Autism, and performs Free Vision Screenings for those members of the Jacksonville Community in most need of access to eye care.