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Maximize Your Eye Drop Usage: Importance of a Strict Eye Drop Regimen

July 18th, 2018
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A visit to your local optometrist at least once a year enables you to better understand your eye health through a eye exam in Jacksonville FL. Diagnosis from this examination will allow your eye doctor in Jacksonville, FL give proper advice regarding your eye care needs, including whether you need to take medications in the form of eye drops.

Be up to date about your eye health by taking a significant step forward. Most of our services are covered by insurances such as the VSP Vision Care health insurance.

When should you use Eye Drops?

There is a vast selection of eye drops in the market. Eye drops do not contain the same specific solution. Instead, any medication that needs to be in direct contact with the eye to maximize effectivity is made in the form of a liquid solution packed inside a container known as eye drops. Never buy eye drop solutions on your own accord, always seek medical advice from your optometrist.


A prescription is given to a wide range of conditions such as dry eyes, pink eyes/sore eyes/conjunctivitis, irritation, and allergies to name a few. Some use it for artificial tears while others need eye drop solution to treat their eye conditions such as glaucoma. Your optometrist will be able to prescribe you a specific solution for your eye care needs.


How often should you use my Eye Drops?

It is highly recommended to follow the dosage and frequency of usage your optometrist prescribed rather than following the prescription instructions on the label of your eye drops. Your eye doctor will be able to assess the severity of your eye health condition and advise a better amount of dosage and frequency based on your specific eye needs.


The amount and frequency of eye drop usage depends on the condition, but more or less, it is used daily. It can be frequent as every 30 minutes or scarce like every 3 days. But always make sure to follow your eye doctor’s prescription religiously to avoid further complications that might arise from your eye condition.


An alarming volume of studies suggest that there are considerable amount of patients that cannot adhere to their eye drop schedules. Unfortunately to some, using eye drop is a difficult task that needs a bit of practice to get used to.


In worst cases, some even need assistance from their carers to put on theirs. Reasons like it is hard to point the nozzle directly above the eye that when you squeeze out the solution, it is comfortable for the eye to take on the drop.

Another reason would be that it is hard to keep the lower eyelid open enough to have the liquid drop on to the proper coverage of the eye and squeeze the bottle for the liquid to come out all at the same time. Some even shared that it takes them a couple of tries to have the liquid drop down on the correct spot. Wasting away a few good drops on the cheek or eyelid. The routine is perceived as a hindrance to some that is why they are discouraged to follow their schedules in some situations.


How to Properly Use Eye Drops

How to Properly Administer Your Eye Drops

Using eye drops can be a challenging task, but there are several ways to maximize your eye drops by following these steps:

How to Properly Administer Your Eye Drops


Important Considerations


Eye drops are vital medications for the eyes. See to it that you schedule an appointment with your optometrist at least annually so that you will be prescribed with proper eye drop prescription if your eyes need it.

If you have decided that you need medical advice regarding eye health and eye drops, visit us here at Trillium Eye Care, Jacksonville Fl. Our St. John’s eye doctors are always ready to assist you with your eye care needs. Ready to have your comprehensive eye exam?

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