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Staying Ahead of Age-Related Vision Loss

January 30th, 2019
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Various health conditions may develop due to aging, such as age-related vision loss. This is why it is important to find a reliable vision center in Jacksonville, FL while you’re still young. For your eye health, you may visit us at Trillium Eye Care and get the appropriate treatment that your eyes need.


When do we experience age-related vision loss?

vision lossAs mentioned, we normally experience age-related vision loss as we get older. In fact, some symptoms of age-related vision loss may manifest as early as your 40’s.


While genetics can greatly contribute to vision problems, our lifestyle can also affect our vision – and its effects can show up as we age.


For example, some people may acquire a condition called presbyopia. It happens when the lens inside your eyes hardens. This occurs at around 40s or 50s. Furthermore, this results in focusing problems when looking at different objects closely.


In such cases, it is usually recommended to use contact lenses or reading glasses to correct the problem. Likewise, corrective surgeries such as keratoplasty and LASIK are also options to treat this condition


Meanwhile, cataracts are also a common age-related eye issue among elderly people. Thankfully, corrective surgery is possible for cataracts, it can restore up to 100% vision loss due to the eye problem.


Common Age-Related Vision Diseases

man wearing eye glassesAge-related vision loss is a part of aging. However, it can affect the quality of your life, especially when left untreated and even gets worse as we get older.


Moreover, most of the symptoms do not show up unless the condition is already at its advanced stages. This is why regular eye checkups are crucial for early detection and better treatment outcomes.


Other common age-related eye problems you should watch out for include the following:


1. Glaucoma

This eye disease is said to be caused by high pressure in the eyes which affect your peripheral vision. It also affects the optic nerves that result in vision loss and, in worse cases, blindness.


2. Dry Eye

This eye condition occurs due to the inability to produce tears correctly. Having dry eyes can affect your daily activities such as reading or using the computer for long periods of time.


3. Diabetic Eye Disease

This eye condition is due to diabetes, which is one of the leading causes of blindness. Also, one of the common forms of diabetic eye disease is diabetic retinopathy. This condition happens when diabetes affects your retina’s blood vessels, hence resulting in eye problems that can lead to blindness.


4. Macular Degeneration

This eye condition occurs when your central vision slowly deteriorates over time. As a result, it can affect your vision and your ability to see your surroundings clearly. Likewise, it can also hamper your everyday tasks including driving, reading, and using the computer.


5. Low Vision

This eye condition can make daily tasks challenging even if you have glasses, lenses, or even corrective surgery done. It is characterized by loss of a certain amount of vision and may be irreversible. However, a lot of people seem to have managed this particular hurdle in their lives and are able to accomplish their daily activities despite the condition.


Taking Action

These are the common age-related eye problems a lot of people suffer from. If you know someone who has an eye problem, have it checked with us here at Trillium Eye Care, one of the best vision centers in Jacksonville, FL.

Having a healthy lifestyle and diet can also help a lot for your eye health. If you notice some symptoms such as blurry vision and the like, don’t delay – consult an eye expert immediately. This way, you can keep your eyes healthy and at its optimal health even as you age.




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