Red Eyes Or Pink Eyes - Should You Visit an Eye Doctor?
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Red Eyes – Should You Visit an Eye Doctor?

April 9th, 2018


A complaint we often receive as an eye doctor’s office in Jacksonville is redness, and how to manage and alleviate the symptoms often associated with red eyes.


Weather and seasonal changes can often lead to many red eye cases and other changes to your vision; allergies, dry eye and other problems can all be a result of these changes.


Treating Red Eyes varies greatly based on what the cause is varying from infection to injury to allergies. We will walk you through how the following items can cause your eyes to become red and irritated:


Common Causes of Red Eyes


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This infection can lead to corneal scars if not treated immediately by an optometrist in some cases leading to the need for corneal replacement surgery.


These are just some of the reasons our patients decide to make an appointment with our eye doctors for a check-up or comprehensive eye exam. Taking a proactive approach with your eye health and scheduling annual eye exams are integral in ensuring healthy vision lifelong!


How an Eye Doctor Treat Red Eyes:


To treat your red eyes your eye doctor will first have to determine the cause of them by completing an eye exam to assess the situation;


Treatment options can be as simple as warm compresses or eye drops to more vigorous treatment such as antibiotics.


Seasonal and other weather changes can lead to red eyes and other vision issues visiting your eye doctor for annual eye exams to screen for all the above is your best defense in maintaining healthy vision!


How Can I Find an Eye Doctor Near Me?

When looking for an eye doctor near me consider visiting Trillium Eye Care – Optometrist in Jacksonville. With years of experience and a wide range of contact lenses and glasses, it becomes far easier to have your eyes checked and vision improved with us.


Schedule your comprehensive eye exam with our Jacksonville Optometrists today!

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