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Pink Eyes: Types, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment by Optometrist

June 11th, 2018
What is pink eye?

Do You Have the Pink Eye?

Conjunctivitis or more commonly known as “pink eye” is a very common, but highly treatable irritation concerning the inflammation of the thin, covering of the white of the eye, stretching across the inner coverings of the eyelids.

The conjunctiva is a transparent cover, but it contains blood vessels that rest on top of the sclera. Any inflammation from these parts causes the conjunctival blood vessels to dilate, making the eyes bloodshot red.

If you suspect you have the pink eye infection, please visit your local eye doctor immediately for a comprehensive eye exam in Jacksonville FL. From this, proper medical assistance will be given.

How do you get infected with Pink Eyes?

The contagious types of pink eyes can be acquired by anybody through the prolifiration of viruses and bacterias. It can be transmitted through:

Transmission is most prevalent among public spaces with high interactions such as schools, markets, and offices. Places, where people work closely with others, are most vulnerable.

What are the types of Pink Eyes?

There are three types of pink eyes, two of which are highly contagious. They are as follow:

Viral conjunctivitis – is an infection throughout the respiratory tract manifested through the eyes (viral conjunctivitis) together with the common cold and sore throat. Although this type is highly contagious, it does not require any medical treatment and will easily clear up within a few days.

Bacterial conjunctivitis – is a bacterial infection within the eye that can be easily transmitted to the other, a yellow-greenish discharge is the best indicator of this. Crusts across the eyelids during sleep are formed which makes it hard for the eyes to open as a person wakes up. Seek medical help immediately when symptoms of bacterial conjunctivitis are present because serious eyes damage will develop when the eyes are left untreated.

Allergic conjunctivitis – occurs when susceptible individuals get exposed to pollen, animal dander or dust. Allergic reaction flare-ups may have a seasonal occurrence, depending on the nature of the allergy. Always consult with your optometrist, especially if you have allergic conjunctivitis.

What are the symptoms of Pink Eyes?


Viral conjunctivitis


Bacterial conjunctivitis


Allergic Conjunctivitis


Treatment for Conjunctivitis? Are there home remedies to it?


Viral conjunctivitis

The body will naturally expel viral conjunctivitis within 3 to 5 days. Relieving yourself with any eye discomfort is also highly recommended. A home remedy of damping soaked cloth with cold water onto the affected eye is deemed effective.

Bacterial conjunctivitis

Any symptoms of bacterial conjunctivitis must be looked upon by your eye doctor immediately. Antibiotics in the form of eyedrops, ointments or oral medication will be prescribed.

Allergic conjunctivitis

Allergic conjunctivitis must be maintained through the medicine prescribed by your eye doctor. Always seek medical advice from your eye specialist when allergic reaction persists.

Any discomfort in the eye that leads to redness, swollen eyelids and itchiness that persist for days at the least, must be look upon by an optometrist. If you are experiencing these symptoms, meet up with your eye doctor and schedule for an eye exam.

During these symptoms, avoid putting on contact lenses or any foreign object into the eyes unless prescribed by your eye care specialist. Until you have fully recovered and got a clearance from your optometrist, wear eyeglasses to accommodate your vision needs.

Difficulty in self-assessing the type of conjunctivitis you might have can be experienced because symptoms may be an indicator of other underlying health conditions. It is best to visit your eye doctor immediately when discomfort increases over time.

How to prevent conjunctivitis from spreading

If you are infected with the contagious type of pink eyes, it is your key responsibility to prevent the virus/bacteria from spreading. Follow these seven essential precautions to avoid infecting others:

-Avoid public spaces as much as possible to prevent infecting others

-Always cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze with a tissue or handkerchief

-Always wash your hands and avoid hand contact

-Never touch or rub your eyes, unless you are going to clean them with anti-bacterial soap

-Always bring hand sanitizers with you and use them frequently

-Disinfect objects with frequently human-contact along your house such as doorknobs, faucet handles, toilet flush and the likes


If you suspect that you have acquired the pink eye and symptoms continue to persist, give your optometrist a visit for proper medical guidance here at Trillium Eye Care. We are located in Jacksonville, Florida. Get the first-in-class service with the highest regard for eye care standards. Our St. John’s eye doctors are leaders of the field, so schedule your eye exam online now.

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