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Optometrist: 9 Tips to Make your Makeup Pop with Glasses

You know which type of glasses look good in you; or do you? If you’re not so sure about it, an optometrist can help you with this issue.

Makeup was created to enhance beauty and so are eyeglasses. So, whatever look you wish to achieve, there’s always something that complements what you have in place. Let’s take a look at essential facts we listed just for you!

Optometrist Insights: 9 Ways to Look Good with Glasses 

1. Keep it Clean

Makeup is a fun and easy way to enhance your looks and makes your eyes pop!

But make sure you keep your tools and eyes clean. Keeping them clean is paramount to maintaining your eye health according to eye doctors.

2. Wash off your makeup before going to sleep

Never share makeup! Top eye doctors aver that sharing makeup, most especially the ones that touch your eyelids, spell danger and this usually happens when sampling products at a department store. Always ask for a fresh applicator. If they can’t provide you with that—save testing until the next time you shop.

3. Contour

Play around with your face’s structure by contouring your face’s natural architecture. This helps create a canvas for your glasses and enhance the true showpiece that they are!

4. Brows

Match your brows to your chosen frames for the day. Big full brows are in-style right now but may go against those amazing thick frames you want to rock!

5. Don’t be afraid to be Lippy!

If lipstick is your thing, feel free to rock it! Avoid wearing heavy looks on your eyes and lips at the same time. Focus on one feature at a time; this goes for whether your look includes glasses or not!

6. Have Fun!

Beauty magazines recommend looks but make sure to enjoy your glasses and style by wearing whatever makes you feel confident! Don’t be afraid to wear a bold look with bold frames. You can opt to stay soft and natural—anything that makes you and your eyes most comfortable with is better!

7. Choose the right glasses!

Picking a frame shape that compliments your face’s anatomy goes a long way in completing your look!

8. Visit an optometrist!

There are so many ways you can protect your eyes with and sunglass brands and styles come in droves each year. However, a reputable optometrist can suggest the best ones for you not only in terms of design but for eye protection.

So, if you think you look good with your makeup on and already chose a design to enhance your face, it is now time to think about your eye health condition.

9. Take note if you have DES!

If you have dry eye syndrome (DES), take a look at those wider frames that can cover most of your eye area. This hinders the dust from coming inside your eyes. Ask an eye doctor to be sure if you have DES.

Another thing is, the sun can still shine through even if you are wearing a pair of sunglasses. Be sure to get something with a UV protection; remember—squinting leads to developing fine lines or wrinkles around your eyes.

It pays to be vain in order to look good. But you also have to take care of your eyes as they are one of the essential parts of your body.

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