9 Useful Tips from your Eye Doctor - How to Care for your Eyeglasses
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9 Useful Tips From Your Eye Doctor – How to Care Your Eyeglasses

March 28th, 2018
eye doctor tips to care your eyeglasses

Caring for your eyes does not finish with your trip to the eye doctor or picking up your new eyeglasses, it continues with proper maintenance and care for your prescription eyewear.


Annual comprehensive eye exams with your optometrist are essential in maintaining healthy vision and ensuring your eyes are receiving the help they need! The next step is to maintain those prescription spectacles, so they continue providing the essential assistance you need.


Whether you just started wearing prescription eyeglasses or have been wearing them for years maintaining your eyewear is just as important.


Here are some tips that your optometrist and optician recommend for keeping those eyeglasses as good as new for longer!


Helpful tips from your Eye Doctor:

  1. Always use two hands!

Remove your eyeglasses with both hands, never just one! The action of using one hand will stretch out and loosen your glasses causing you to need adjustments more frequently.


  1. Don’t put your glasses on top of your head!

This habit also stretches out your glasses causing them to need to be readjusted, not to mention the increased risk of dropping your eyeglasses and having them break and need repairs!


  1. Clean your eyeglasses wet

Using cleaning spray and wiping clean with a glasses cloth is the best way to clean your eyewear! A 100% cotton or microfiber cloth are best when cleaning your glasses. Never use Kleenex or paper towel; they are made up of components which can scratch your lenses. That also means no shirttails!


  1. Never put glasses face down!

Putting your glasses face down will scratch the lenses. Just because you have a scratch resistant coating on your glasses does not mean they are scratch proof! Which brings us to our next tip, the best place for your glasses is in their case!


  1. When not being worn put your glasses in their case

Ladies, that means don’t just casually toss your eyeglasses into your purse! You can easily scratch your lenses by not placing your eyewear into their case. Your glasses are safe in their case!


  1. Never try to repair your own glasses with glue, it will void any warranties on the frame

If something does happen to your glasses, bring them in for repairs or adjustments. Some repairs can be done with a quick fix and may not require a whole new frame, so it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Never try to fix them yourself!


  1. Take your glasses into you eyecare professional for tightening and maintenance

Your optician or optometrist may notice things that you miss because they have the training and know-how! While performing maintenance on your frame to ensure they fit well, they can tighten screws and readjust or even replace nose-pads to keep your glasses comfortable and in good working order.


  1. Aerosols such as hairspray or deodorant can strip the coating on your lenses

Apply hair products before putting on your glasses whenever possible, beauty products contain chemicals that can break down the anti-reflective and other coatings on your lenses! These products can also cause damage to the arms of your frames so keep this in mind when applying hair and makeup products!


  1. Never use any household glass cleaner on your lenses, products with ammonia will strip the coating!

The same way beauty products can break down the coatings on your lenses so can harsh cleaning chemicals! Stick to the lens cleaning solution recommended by your optometrist to maintain your prescription eyeglass lenses.


Anti-reflective coatings are meant to make it easier for your eyes; if they are removed it can lead to eye strain and other vision problems!


Why maintaining your glasses is easier with your Optometrist:



Ensuring your frames and lenses are top quality is a great first step in maintaining your eyewear and vision; this is where your eye doctor comes in.


With the ever-growing online market for buying eyeglasses your optometrist wants to warn you about the dangers that come with purchasing the often-cheaper options available online:



Purchasing cheap sunglasses and reading glasses has its danger as well; our optometrists in Jacksonville FL are concerned about the lack of protection and eye strain that these cheap, unregulated options administer.


It’s always best to only purchase these items from a certified professional! They’ll be able to fully explain all of your lens options, what features they come with, where they are manufactured as well as all of your warranties and how to care for your eyeglasses!


Here’s what your Eye Doctor Prescribes:



In summary, begin by purchasing quality eyeglasses from a reputable, certified professional such as an optometrist or optician. Then follow up with these easy steps:


  1. Keep your glasses on your face or in a case to reduce your chances of scratching or breaking them!
  2. Always clean them wet never dry and use a microfiber or cotton glasses cloth to wipe them clean.
  3. Visit your eyecare professional regularly to perform maintenance and up-keep on your favorite eyewear!


If you’re unsure about the condition of your current eyewear visit us our optometrists and experienced staff for a check-up!


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