Eyelash Extensions: What You Need to Know from Eye Doctors
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Eyelash Extensions: What You Need to Know from Eye Doctors

February 13th, 2018

Eyelash extensions and false eyelashes are growing trends that continue to gain popularity as time goes on. However, eye doctors say they can be unsafe due to harmful materials which canlead to allergic reactions and even infection!

Let us walk you through the dangers of using these eyelash enhancements.


Eyelash Extensions as Defined by Eye Doctors

Extensions are applied to natural eyelashes to enhance the look of the eyes and make the wearer’s eye appear more pronounced.

Individual fibers are applied to natural eyelashes with an adhesive to hold them in place.
Materials used for false eyelashes include:
• Nylon – composed of synthetic fibers
• Silk
• Mink – made of natural fur


How You Can Protect Your Eyes

Here are 3 ways that can safeguard and protect your eyes:

1. Make sure the eyelash technician is certified!
Going to a reputable salon and making sure the person applying your eyelash extensions completed proper training to do it safely is vital to protecting your eyes.


2. Watch their Hygiene!
Improper or inadequate hand washing can lead to bacteria or other germ buildup. If any of these enter your eyes, this leads to infection!


3. Check the Ingredients
Know what contained in the eyelash glue before completing your appointment!


The most important factor when putting false eyelash materials on your natural eyelashes is the glue. Glue often contains formaldehyde or other substances that can cause irritation or extreme allergic reactions!


AAO cites the following dangers of using false eyelashes:

• Allergic Reaction to Materials
• Swollen Eyelids
• Infection of the Eyelid
• Infection of the Cornea (front surface of the eye)
• Temporary or Permanent loss of Eyelashes


If you think you are experiencing allergic reaction to eyelash extensions or from the adhesive used to apply them, visiting your optometrist should be your first plan of action!


Optometrists can diagnose and treat the allergy and check for more serious infections of the eye.

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