What are the Benefits of High-Index Lenses - Eyeglass Lenses
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What Are The Benefits of High-Index Lenses – Eyeglass Lenses

March 12th, 2018
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When visiting your eye doctor to select eyeglasses everyone wants them to be as comfortable as possible while still looking great.

An excellent way to achieve this is with High-Index lenses for your eyeglasses, they can reduce the weight and overall thickness of your lenses giving your eyewear a much sleeker look!


How High-Index Lenses Work

Our eyes allow us to see by refracting or bending light, when an eye doctor prescribes eyeglasses, it is to help correct a refractive error by helping the eye to focus the light and correct blurry vision.


The lenses in your eye glasses are designed to correct your vision by refracting or bending light as it passes through the lens given the ‘power’ or light-bending ability as prescribed by your Optometrist.


High-Index Polycarbonate materials have a greater ‘light-bending’ or refractive ability, allowing for better vision and thinner, lightweight lenses.


If you are near-sighted (have a minus power) the thickest part of your lenses are usually the outer edges, usually causing them to stick out of the frame. High-index materials allow for the outer edges of these lenses to be thinner creating an overall lightweight look and feel to your eyewear.


Why you should consider High-Index lenses

If you have a high prescription you’ve likely already heard of ‘High-Index’ lenses for your glasses before, but even if you have a lower prescription this could still be a great option for you. During your eye exam, your doctor will make recommendations listed on your prescription as to lens materials and other features that may benefit you.


Benefits include:

1. Thinner lighter lenses – comfortable, lightweight eyewear!
Due to their ability to bend light more efficiently, less material is required in high-index lenses. This means your eyeglasses will feel much lighter and more comfortable when sitting on your face!


2. A more attractive look – great for rim-less, semi-rimless and full frame styles!
Higher prescriptions, especially those in myopic or nearsighted individuals have wider edges to their corrective lenses; this poses a struggle when selecting a frame to fit the lenses properly. By selecting high-index lenses and decreasing the overall thickness it creates a lot more freedom in selecting eyeglass frames, allowing the wearer to be bolder and more adventurous with their fashion choices!


Our licensed optometrist in Jacksonville FL will provide you with a full explanation of your corrective needs and how high-index lenses may benefit you! Having a full comprehensive eye exam annually is the best way to make sure your eyes are healthy.


Looking for an Optometrist in Jacksonville? Schedule your comprehensive eye exam with Trillium Eye Care today!

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