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Best Optometrist in Jacksonville FL

Our board-certified and experienced Jacksonville optometrists will provide you with top-notch expertise as well as comprehensive eye exams, glasses prescriptions, contact lenses and more!


If you have been searching for an eye clinic with experienced optometrists that can offer you with excellent service and place your needs on top priority, you have come to the right place! Read on to know more about how we deal with our patients and why they keep on coming back for pieces of advice.


Our Board Certified Optometrist in Jacksonville Provide:


Comprehensive Eye Exams Screening

Trillium Eye Care offers various types of screenings that your eye health may benefit from. We know that you are meticulous and we are meticulous in our own way too! Below are testings that our experienced optometrists can provide:

  • Myopia or Near-sightedness
  • Hyperopia or Far-sightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
  • Presbyopia (Blurry Near Vision from Aging)
  • Overall Health of the Retina
  • Degeneration of the Macula
  • Diabetic Retinopathy


Continuing Care

We promise to provide you with top-flight services from beginning to end and this covenant we fondly keep in our hearts as our patients are our first priority!

Our continuing care includes:


Annual comprehensive eye exams and proper continuing care with experienced optometrists jacksonville will help you maintain your long-term vision health. Full comprehensive eye exams and eye care allow the eye doctor to provide you with the best possible options to meet your individual vision needs.

Trillium Eye Care experienced optometrists jacksonville will explain everything, provide you with all of your treatment options and help you find the best solution.

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comprehensive eye exam - routine eye exam jacksonville

Comprehensive and Convenient Eye Exams

Scheduling your eye exam annually, is one of the most important preventative measures to maintaining healthy vision for life.

digital retinal imaging center jacksonville

Digital Retinal Imaging

A new technology where we can take a scan of the back of your eye. This is crucial to understanding your ocular health.

contact lens fitting at Trillium eye care - optometrist jacksonville

Contact Lens Fitting

Our optometrists measure your corneal curvature to ensure the best fit. Always be sure to have a proper fitting!


urgent care jacksonville

Urgent Care

Itchy red eyes? Have an injury? Our Jacksonville Optometrists can tend to your eye care needs!



buy designer eyeglasses at Trillium eye care

Designer Eye Glasses

Our optical professionals will help you select the perfect look. We carry one of the largest designer eye wear collections in Jacksonville FL.


LASIK consultations in Jacksonville, FL

LASIK Consultations

Considering LASIK Vision Correction? Visit your optometrist for your LASIK Consultation.

dry eye syndrome treatment at Trillium eye care

Dry Eye

If you are experiencing discomfort from Dry Eyes, we have solutions to help alleviate and eliminate dry eye from your life.


Vision Care Services

  • Annual Eye Exam
  • Optometrist Jacksonville
  • Digital Retinal Imaging
  • Contact Lens Fitting
  • Urgent Care
  • Lasik Consultations
  • Dry Eye Treatment
  • Vision Insurance
  • Financing Options
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