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What is a Contact Lens Fitting?

A question that we regularly receive is “What’s a contact lens fitting?” and “Why do I need it?”

The short answer; To keep you and your eyes healthy!

There can be a lot of very real dangers regarding purchasing your contact lenses online and most patients do not realize it when deciding to opt for the convenience of purchasing your lenses online.

Here’s what you should know:
  • Your contact lens prescription is not the same as your glasses prescription!
    • Why?
      • Your eyeglasses sit on your nose, a little way away from your eyes and contact lenses sit directly on the surface of your eye; that can mean that you are not meeting your vision needs through ordering contact lenses based on your glasses prescription
  • Many of these retailer’s sell lenses that have not been tested for safety!
    • Optometrists and other doctors adhere to a code of ethics and are regulated by them, a lot of online retailers that sell contacts are not currently held to the same standards.
      • That can mean putting whoever buys their contacts online at risk!
  • If you are purchasing your lenses from overseas take into account how those contacts are being stored and shipped
    • Often, they are not being stored in temperature-controlled warehouses or transportation vessels;
      • Therefore the integrity of the contact lens is being compromised and can lead to potential eye health issues!
  • Some of these overseas distribution markets also use counterfeit products
    • There are currently no controls in place to make sure contact lenses are coming directly from the manufacturer!
  • Replacement or exchange options can be limited
    • When you purchase online, if the prescription isn’t right exchanging those lenses can be all but impossible.
      • By having a fitting with your an optometrist you know exactly what you are buying before you buy it, no guessing!
By having your contact lenses professionally fit by an Optometrist you:
  • Ensure the accuracy of your prescription
    • Your vision is tested to ensure optimal vision!
  • Get the most comfort out of your lenses
    • The fit of the contacts are tested, the curvature of your eye is measured and a lens is selected based off of your individual needs
  • The lens is selected to fit your busy lifestyle and needs
    • The doctor ensures that your contact lens care system best suits your personal eye health needs and complies with the requirements of your contact lenses
  • You get the latest and greatest
    • Your Optometrist will have the most up-to-date industry technology and may have a lens that better suits your ever-changing lifestyle and eye care needs that you haven’t heard of!

Click here to set up your professional contact lens fitting with our Jacksonville Optometrists.

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